Need help getting started?

How do I Design?

Click Start Designing. First choose your product you want to design from the box labeled "Choose your Product." Simply use the tool bar on the left to type text, place a logo or picture, choose from several different occupations & graphics for a background choice. The slider on the left will magnify your design, (this will not make your product larger or smaller) up zooms in, down zooms out. At the top of the tool bar you'll find a front & back button for choosing which side to work with. Click on the "help" button on the right for more specific directions.

How do I save my work so you can come back later?

On the tool bar to the left there is a disk icon. Simply click this and you will be promted to name the project. Note, It is important that you register first (there is no cost for this). Click login in the right corner, fill out the info, (you'll be required to put in your email address and a password) and you'll be set. When you come back to finish simply click on the open folder icon to retrive your work.

What is the status of my order?

Click on the "Additional Tools" button on top, click on job status, and you'll find information about where your job is in production. (Prepress, Plated, On-Press, Cutting/Bindery, and delivered/ready for pick-up).

How long will it take before I get my order?

Usually one week in production + shipping time. You can will call the order if you choose. Simply pick that option when finalizing your order.

Rush Orders: Anywhere from 24 to 48 hours from order placement.

Calling to inform us that you placed your rush order will help speed up the process.

Notice: All orders placed for next day service must be placed by 9:00am Monday through Friday. You must call in to inform us of this order. Saturdays & Sundays we are closed, so the "next day" service is based on a Monday through Friday work week.

Design or upload your own print order here

This option puts the design control in your hands and has a limited amount of customer service dedicated to it, enabling us to offer you "the client" a discounted price on products.  Please only call for help if you are having functional program problems, not design questions.

Please contact us if you prefer that we design your product.

Once you start designing be sure to log-in so we can contact you regarding the status of your order as well as billing & shipping.