Website planning worksheet
Answering these key questions will be invaluable to streamlining the design process and calculating a more precise quote.
With this information, we will be able to work quicker and more efficiently to meet the desired goal and deliver satisfying results.
Don't worry if you aren't sure of all the details-- we will be happy to work with you to hone in on what functionality will best suit your needs!
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Contact Information

Business Name:
*Email Address:
*Phone Number:
Please describe your organization in a few sentences:
URL (if any):


If you do not have a domain name, do you need help registering your domain name?
Please give us 3 or 4 choices of what you would like your domain name to be:
Do you have a web host?
If Yes, what company?

Goals For Your Website

What is the nature of your website?
Please describe if other:
Please rank the following objectives in order of importance, 1 being most important.
Establish site branding and logo identity:
Increase consumer market & exposure:
Accessibility to your product and service line 24/7:
Cost effective distribution of products and services:
Streamline administrative and routine processes:
Other goals for your website:

Brand/Target Audience

Who is your target demographic?
Describe what kind of users/potential customers you intend to attract to your website. Income, interests, gender, age, worldwide or national. If your site is business to business, what sort of companies do you hope to attract?
What makes you different from your competitors?
Do you have a slogan or tagline that describes what you offer?

List any important words that you want people to associate with your company image/brand:


Would you like us to design/redesign a logo for your company?
If you have a logo, can you send it by email, upload it to us, or provide the file by mail?
Do you have photos, graphics, illustrations, video, animations and/or other media for your website?
If you have photos, graphics, and/or illustrations for your site, can you send by email, upload to us, or mail?
If you don't have photos, graphics, illustrations, videos, animations and/or other media you would like for your website (and other marketing materials) we can create these for you. We can also scan your photo prints and drawings or recreate artwork and logos. Let us know you are interested so we can evaluate your needs and provide you with a separate quote.

I'm interested in working with you to develop new media content:

Is there a specific theme you have in mind to incorporate into the website?
Are there any colors you have in mind to incorporate into the website?
Describe the site's desired look and feel by using adjectives and short phrases:
List websites you think are most like the style you'd like for your website: Please comment on what you like/dislike about the design features of these sites.

Content/Special Features

Please check any pages you'd like to have as part of your website:
Approximate No. of Pages:
Special Features
Please list any additional or custom pages/features you would like to add. Feel free to ask any questions concerning the above features:
We offer a Web enabled administration system which empowers the client to manage their website's content in-house using their Web browser. Is this feature of interest to you?

Marketing & Promotion

Samples of your promotional and printed materials are very helpful to us. In order to assist you in producing the most effective website for your company, we would like to know more about your current and future marketing strategies, your business philosophy, your products or services, and plans for the future of your company.
What are the present methods of advertising and promoting your company?
How do you plan on promoting and marketing your website?
What is your budget for the design and development of your website?
Target date for your website to go live.When does the website need to be completed and available to the public?
Other Comments:
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