Case Studies

Avocados From Mexico - Halloween Promo 2011

The request was to make a site that matched their current site layout and style but to make it a Halloween themed site:

AFM_Orig Halloween_AFM_Sample

Several drafts and design proposals were made before the final one was selected and polished.  Once the style was defined we continued the ellaboration of illustrations such as the backgrounds, buttons, and decorations.  We further developed the style working with the client and their specifications.  It was a very satisfying project since there was ample creative leeway. (See drafts here)

As the site's design was close to a wrap we started developing the CSS style to match the client's regular current site. We did this with the intention of reducing the amount of time needed to be spent on CSS development and we also wanted to make 100% sure the files handed over would work exactly as they were intended.  Once the files were delivered to the client, the developer had the site up in no time and without any CSS glitches (we were all working on a tight deadline).

We were also requested to make some profile badges for Twitter and Facebook, 3 banner ads, and one logo once the site phase was completed.

AFM_Halloween2011_Twitter_Badge_V2   AFM_Halloween_Ad_300x250_V3   AFM_Halloween2011_RAProm_Logo_Draft5


AFM_Halloween_Ad_160x600_V3   AFM_FB_Fan_Page_FINAL